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College, the Next Tween Phase?

Sometimes I hear my university students called “kids” and I cringe. They aren’t children or kids, they’re adults. However, I have to admit that college does seem to expand adolescence for those who attend. There’s a difference between my students and those 18-25 year olds I meet out and about who hold jobs and have families. I was talking to a young woman at Sonic the other day. She had two children under 4 years old and she was 22. She told me she worked at the local grocery store, her husband drove a truck (he’s 25 by the way) and they were buying their first home?! So, okay, perhaps my students aren’t really and truly “grown-ups” in the sense of OUR meaning. What are they?

Well, for a while we had trouble deciding what to call children 10-13 years old and then along came the concept of “tween” and all was once again right in our world. We could label them (humans love to catagorize and label things don’t they?) and we could give them certain traits and characteristics to help us better understand them. It’s time we get to thinking about the 18-25 group who are in college. They have a unique culture and characteristics all their own. They aren’t kids, but they have the safety net of college in case they make mistakes or need direction and college life is different from living on their own. Something to think about…

  • 18 April 2013
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